EVA Gear is the name for the pieces of gear necessary for breathing in any of the Galacticraft destinations (until and oxygen distributor or sealer can be set up). Alongside the rocket, this gear is essential for starting a base on another planet or in orbit. To equip any part of this gear, drag the piece into it's respective slot in the Galacticraft section of your inventory. The slots have helpful ghost images to show you where each piece goes.

The pieces described below must be used in conjunction with at least 1 oxygen tank to work.

Oxygen GearEdit

Oxygen Gear

Oxygen MaskEdit

Oxygen Mask

 Worn on the top slot. When worn, it will simply appear as a glass dome over your character's head. This piece is suprisingly cheap when compared to other parts of the Galacticraft modpack, it only requires an iron helmet surrounded by glass panes.