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A Picture Of The Galacticraft Mod

Every astronaut needs a spaceship! You can build the NASA Workbench, which needs three steel ingots, four steel plates, an advanced circuit, and a crafting table. The table goes in the middle, the steel ingots on top, the steel plates on the left and right sides, and the advanced circut in the last available space.

In Galacticraft 2 the crafting recipe has changed. The recipe requires four Compressed Steel, two levers, a redstone torch, a crafting bench, and an advanced wafer. Placing the wafer in the center, levers on either side, redstone torch at the bottom, crafting bench at the top, and the compressed steel in the remaining four spots will give you the NASA Workbench.

Now, place this new device on the ground and get building! To make a spaceship, you need a Nose cone, which is made with three Heavy Platings and a redstone torch. Make a triangle with the plating and put the torch on top. You also need some rocket fins. These need four Heavy Platings and 2 steel plates. Put the steel plates in the middle-top and middle-middle slots, and the plating on the the left and right sides.

Now you need the Rocket Engine. To make it, you need one flint and steel, four Heavy Plating, one Tin Canister, one Air Vent, and a button. Put the Flint and Steel in the Middle-Top slot, the button to the left or right of that, put the Tin Canister under the Flint and Steel, and the Air Vent under that. Put the Heavy Plating on the left and right sides. Then, make eight more Heavy Platings, go to your NASA Workbench, and put all the items in the right slots, and you have yourself a spaceship!

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