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A worm digging a tunnel on the Overworld.

Worm Run Trailer00:49

Worm Run Trailer

A Giant Worm is a large orange mob found in Galacticraft. It does not spawn naturally but can be obtained in creative mode as an egg on both the Moon and the Overworld. As of the current version of Galacticraft, the worm cannot be killed except with the use of the block TNT.


The worm can be extremely destructive as it randomly changes direction and is even able to devour bedrock. Once the worm is spawned, it begins to dig 3x3 tunnels and emits a chewing/chirping sound. Often, the only way to track the worm's location is to listen for it moving or look for the telltale narrow passageways that it digs. The worm stays underground most of the time but will surface occasionally in areas littered with craters. The worm is capable of causing damage to and killing both mobs and the player though they must stay in front of its mouth for an extended period of time for it to do so. It will not directly attack any mob or the player.

Dealing with the wormEdit

Once the worm is spawned, it can quickly destroy your materials and structures on the moon. A safe way to protect your belongings would be to build several blocks off of the surface and out of reach of the worm should you decide to spawn one nearby.

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