The hostile mobs in Galacticraft are themed equivalents of the generic hostile seeds one would find on the Overworld.

They are:

  • Evolved Skeletons (they dual wield bows and have better knockback with the low gravity and higher bow drop rate)
  • Evolved Zombies
  • Evolved Creepers
  • Evolved Spiders
  • Giant worms (available in creative mode in earlier versions but have since been removed)
  • Evolved Creeper Boss (located in Mars Dungeons)
  • Evolved Skeletal Boss (located in Moon Dungeons) (to beat it , it is recommended to have a team of 3 or 4 with you if you play online and you need good armor and if you have the materials a nail gun and mechatronic armor tier 2 of higher he will do little damage a good supply of food and regeneration potions or golden apples, or if you just want to keep your standard diamond armor try to at least keep him out of range so he can't throw you.)

• These are different to Vanilla mobs as they are larger, have a higher amount of health and are equipped with oxygen kits. They do the same amount of damage as their Earthly counterparts, and they never run out of oxygen.


Alien villagers can be found in moon villages made up of large white domes (built from decorative aluminum blocks) and raised farms. They have a bigger head and their skin is blue. Instead of vegetables, these farms grow a combination of birch, spruce and oak trees. Unlike their cousins on Earth, alien villagers cannot be traded with and have no profession.


  • The oxygen kits worn by hostile mobs are never dropped upon death.
  • Due to the Moon's low gravity, mobs are able to jump four blocks high.
  • If sensor goggles are worn, all mobs glow cyan. Perhaps to give them higher contrast against the Moon's grey landscape.
  • if you stay over 1 moon day night cycle meteors will have a better spawn rate 
  • hot meteors will set you on fire if you are on top of them
  • Arrows are easier to dodge because of the low gravity but they deal high knockback.