The Buggy is the primary means of rapid transportation on other planets. The Buggy is able to climb and descend over hills and craters, though very slowly.


To fuel a Moon Buggy you must first craft and place a 3x3 area of a Buggy Fueling Pad. A Fuel Loader must also be placed ajacent to the Fueling Pad and supplied with fuel. The fuel level can be checked by mounting the Moon Buggy and pressing F.


A Moon Buggy is similar to a boat. Once on the Moon Buggy all the keys are the same as moving regularly except jumping is not possible in a buggy. It is possible to take fall damage while driving the buggy so it is advisable to not take craters on at full speed. The Moon Buggy is faster than sprinting and does not take away food pips (besides your naturally growing hunger) like sprinting does. Moon Buggies and their drivers are highly susceptible to attack due to the weakness of the Moon Buggy and the open-cockpit design. However, because mobs burn up on the surface during the day the Moon Buggy is a valuable piece of machinery during the day. Also, this may be called a "Moon" Buggy, but if you have flat enough land in the overworld, you can use it there too!


The Moon Buggy must be crafted in a NASA Workbench. First you must find the blueprint for it in a moon dungeon after defeating the Evolved Skeleton Boss (the spawn rate is much lower than a tier 2 rocket blueprint). Once the you open NASA Workbench GUI and add the blueprint, you must press the "NEXT" button until the crafting grid for the Moon Buggy appears. Every space must be filled with its respective component. You will need one Buggy Seat, four Buggy Wheels, and eleven Heavy Duty Plating. The four wheels must be placed in the four spaces that stick out from the crafting grid, the seat must be placed in the top of the two center pieces, and the Heavy-Duty Platings must fill in all of the unused spaces. Up to three Buggy Storage Boxes can be placed in the spaces above the crafting grid to add extra storage space.

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