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In order: Moon Turf, Dirt, Stone

 The Moon consists of three main types of Materials: Moon Turf, dirt, and stone. Each item has had a recolor from the mod, and each has slightly different properties from their overworld counterparts, such as not being pushable or pullable by pistons.

However overworld stone and bedrock exist near the bottom of the moon


Moon TurfEdit

Moon Turf is the equivalent of grass on the overworld. It completely covers the Moon's surface. if you move over it, a dark spot will appear that resembles a footprint.


Moon Dirt is the equivalent of overworld dirt. It has a recolor that makes it appear off white, with endstone-like patterns on it.


Moon Stone is the equivalent of overworld stone. It has a recolor that makes it appear darker than overworld stone, and has a pattern again reminiscent of endstone.

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