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Open view of Oxygen Sealer system including 1 collector, needs about 5 to work well or one with a large amount of leaves nearby.


The Oxygen Sealer is a machine added by Galacticraft. Its purpose is to seal and pressurize an enclose area so the player may breathe without breathing equipment. bug: when you have diagonal blocks on certain technic modpacks does not work.


First get an Oxygen Collector up and running, then connect it to the right side of an oxygen sealer (all pipes through walls must use sealable pipes to keep the room sealed) and place a battery in the sealer or supply it with energy on the right side, then right click the sealer and click enable seal, the area must be completely closed off or have the doorways sealed with an Airlock doorway for the oxygen to seal. The Oxygen Sealer & Collector should be placed on a floor or wall to function properly. Varying amounts of oxygen input will be required to seal an area based on the volume to be sealed. One sealer can seal roughly 800 blocks of space. Multiple Oxygen Sealers may be required if the area is large enough. The vent of the sealer must also be exposed to the air or it will not work.

Torches Will Not provide Light in a airlocked Room/Area.

2013-04-23 18.04.47

inside after I closed the room and sealed it

WARNING: Certain blocks and objects will not create an enclosed space that can be sealed!

Items that will not seal: 

  • Redstone Conductive Pipe
  • Redstone Energy Cell
  • Redstone Energy Conduit
  • Hardened Glass
  • Buildcraft Tanks
  • Buildcraft Pipes
  • Doors
  • Sponge
  • Dynamic Glass
  • Reinforced Glass
  • Clear Glass
  • Metal Posts
  • Glowstone Illuminator
  • Refined Glowstone
  • Activated Pistons
  • Iron Bars
  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Networking cables
  • Strengthened Glass
  • water and lava

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