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Parachute Descending to Earth

A Parachute is an item used to accompany the Galacticraft Spaceship. The purpose of a Parachute is to prevent fall damage when you reenter the Earth's atmosphere after an adventure in space. Once you have constructed and fueled a Spaceship and attempt to launch, it will advise that you bring along a parachute if you don't already have one. This is for your own protection. A Parachute is assigned a special place in your inventory which is just to the right of the crafting area. A parachute will automatically deploy when you reenter the atmosphere from either flying back to earth in a Spaceship, or falling off of a Space Station. However, if you jump from a Spaceship mid-takeoff on Earth, you will plumit to your death without ejecting a parachute. If returning home in a Spaceship a seperate parachute carrying a chest will slowly descend next to you. This chest contains a Spaceship, a Partially Filled Fuel Canister, and anything that was left in the Spaceships inventory. how do you use it


A Parachute is created by using three canvas and three string. Once a white parachute has been crafted, different color parachutes are possible by adding one of its respective color dye. This is for asthetic purposes only.

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