Slimelings are creatures hatched from eggs that only spawn on naturally on Mars. There are three main colors, red, blue, and yellow, although there are certain ways to get other colors.


Slimeling eggs can only be found on Mars. You will find them laying on the surface of Mars. Right-click them twice to hatch the egg.


To breed Slimelings you need two of them, any color will do. Feed both of them their respective foods (favorite food) and they will breed a new Slimeling. Both Slimelings cannot be in the sitting position, along with the fact that both Slimelings must be fed enough and grown to so called "maturity". It's helpful to have a Damage Indicator or some sort of entity naming mod installed. When two Slimelings of different colors breed they create a new color. For example, a blue and red Slimeling would make a purple Slimeling. Another example would be to breed a yellow and red Slimeling to get an orange.


When feeding them you can choose to make them grow, strengthen up, heal, or breed. To successfully feed them you need to feed them their favorite food. Their favorite food will change when fed enough times or when enough time passes. When fed more the favorite food will change more often.


To create an inventory you need to equip a Slimeling Inventory Bag onto the bottom slot of the second GUI tab. They can hold a maximum of 27 item slots.


When you are in the inventory bag menu, when you try to move items into the inventory, it tosses the item. Also, rarely, when you get too far from your Slimeling and it teleports to you, it duplicates. The stats of these two duplicate Slimelings are exactly the same. Another bug is that when you press the sit button it doesn't sit--it just switches back and forth really fast from sitting and following.

2015-05-11 20.03.48

A duplicated Slimeling --->


  • Slimelings grow approximately 36.0% per hour=no
  • Slimelings grow when AFK=no
  • When in creative the egg is only broken twice and yields no mob=yes


  • Red + Blue = Purple
  • Red + Yellow = Orange
  • Blue + Yellow = Green
  • Red + Purple = Wine
  • Red + Orange = Dark Orange
  • Red + Green = Pink
  • Blue + Purple = Dark Purple
  • Blue + Orange = ???
  • Blue + Green = Cyan 
  • Yellow + Purple = Light Purple
  • Yellow + Orange = Light Orange
  • Yellow + Green = Light Yellow
  • Purple + Orange = ???
  • Purple + Green= ???
  • Green + Orange =???
  • Yellow + Red + Blue =Grey

You can make a lot of different colors by combining different colors of Slimelings.

Colors that you can get (or more)