Adding/removing playersEdit

Adding Players: Edit

/ssi​nvite <playername>

This command allows the owner to add players to their space station. However, despite the fact that command says "/ssinvite", the invited player can get into that station the same way they can access other planets.

Removing Players: Edit

/ssuninvite <playername>

This command is the exact opposite of "/ssinvite", meaning it removes selected player from the list of players who can access the base.

Necessary Items Required (To Create Space Station)

  • 32 Tin Ingots
  • 16 Aluminum Ingots
  • 24 Iron Ingots
  • 1 advanced wafer


Attack of the B-Team
  • Any amount of obsidian
  • Portal modifier
  • Dimensional card
  • Dialer card
  • Network card
  • Advanced dialer

Set-up and expansion Edit

If you want to live on your space station for a decent amount of time, you need to set up either an oxygen system on the station, or a large cache of oxygen tanks.


  • There is a daytime cycle like the overworld, but the sun and moon are within view for much longer.
  • The moon and sun are enlarged, and the sun is at its darkest tone.
  • There is a large view of the overworld with a strong resemblance to Earth
  • If you set up an enhanced portal, make sure that it's in the same chunk and it has a chunk loader, otherwise you won't be able to actually use the enhanced portal from anywhere besides the station.
  • There are 2 possible ways to leave space station. If a player falls below height level 35, they will be teleported to the Earth the same way they could leave it using the rocket. Note: if a player decides to return in such manner, they will not receive any penalties, such as damage.
  • When playing in the Tekkit modpack, it is possible to use Mystcraft Linking Books to travel from your space station to earth or other dimensions, by right clicking with 2 linking books: one on earth, the other in the space station, and then using bookstands to travel in between the locations. hill and gully rider
  • You can't have more than 1 space station.